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The Office Hammock Template

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Napping at work has proven to increase productivity. For those that are at work for 8+ hours, a quick 20-minute nap is the key differentiator in a productive vs non-productive state of mind.

Now we are biased but the absolute best way to nap at work is in a hammock! Now all you have to do is convince your boss/bosses.

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We get it… you’re busy enough as it is, you aren’t going to start a battle trying to convince your boss to let you hammock in the office.  The last thing you want to do is create more work for yourself. Don’t worry we did all the work for you!

Introducing the Office Hammock Template! (TOHP)

TOHP is a guaranteed way to convince your bosses/managers to bring a hammock into the office and even get them to pay for it! 💰

happy hammocks

How to use this template:

  1. Make a copy of the Google Doc “The Office Hammock Template” and personalize the messaging to fit with your voice and boss chief’s language.
  2. Email it or better yet, print it and address it in an envelope to your boss/s, if you end up doing that we’ll give you $5.00 credit to pay for printing and postage.

Without further ado… we introduce “The Office Hammock Template!”

Dear [Boss],

I want to propose this idea that will make our entire office a more productive workplace.

Everyone naps at work…

There is proof on Twitter!

nap at work


My friend works [in a similar company/industry as yours] and he/she was telling me about how their office productivity and morale skyrocketed after their boss introduced hammocks in the workplace.

Now I know what you are thinking because I felt the same way – there is no way that hammocks will make our workers more productive. But there is scientific proof!

A NASA study showed a nap of just 26 minutes can boost productivity by as much as 34% percent and increase alertness by 54%.

astronaut sleeping in space

If this astronaut sleeping in space didn’t convince you, Science Direct conducted a study in 2007 comparing 200 mg of caffeine and napping for 60 min and found that napping is just as effective as caffeine! ☕️

no coffee no work

I mean the top companies all have a place to base, their employees are happier, more productive and their employee turnover is virtually non-existent.

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Check out these amazing companies with hammocks in their indoor offices

HubSpot’s Nap Room

hubspot office hammock

Hubspot a marketing automation company based out of Boston had their IPO last year, valued at $900 Million. Much of this success is attributed to Hammock Naps 😉

“CMO Mike Volpe, who is known to use the nap room frequently, says a 20-minute nap is often all he needs to regain focus and re-energize to be more productive for the rest of the day.”

Sam Mallikarjunan from Hubspot told me earlier it’s called the Van Winkle room!

Source (Lisa Evans)

Box Inc Office Hammocks

box office hammocks

Box is a cloud storage company valued at $267 Million. (Mo’ Hammocks Mo’ Money)

Google Indoor Office Hammocks

Google valued at $380 Billion started this office napping trend. Yes if you nap you make more money, it’s a FACT.

business hammocks

Google Office Hammocks in Cambridge

indoor office hammocks

Google indoor office hammock in Pittsburgh

office hammocks

Google Office Hammocks in Malaysia

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BrainTree Office Hammock Oasis

office hammocking

On September 26, 2013 Braintree was acquired by PayPal, an eBay subsidiary, in a deal worth $800 million.

You know why? Because they literally have a Hammock Town in their office, filled with indoor hammock chairs!

[Boss], with your help we can transform our workplace into a happier and healthier environment. With hammocks!

The best part is if we order with Hammock Town, we can choose ANY hammock we want. From the indoor hammock chairs to the cozy cacoon hammocks & we get 10% OFF using the Promo Code NapAtWork. (Yep I saved the best for last)

Have a dope office hammock pic? Share it with us in the comments or on the Hammocks Twitter!



Chief Hammocker at Hammock Town
Luiz is the Founder and VP of eCommerce at Hammock Town. On weekdays you can find him working from coffee shops around the world and exploring unchartered territories with a hammock on the weekends.
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Luiz is the Founder and VP of eCommerce at Hammock Town. On weekdays you can find him working from coffee shops around the world and exploring unchartered territories with a hammock on the weekends.
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