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hammock tent

Apply To Be Featured in the Hammocking Chronicles


Every week we feature an adventurer in the Hammocking Chronicles right here on our hammock blog.

The Hammock Town Blog Stats:

  • 25,000 Unique Visits a Month to the Hammock Blog!
  • 35,000 Instagram Followers
  • 3,000 subscribers to the Most Chill Club
  • 2,000 Facebook Fans Hammocking all over the world
  • 1k Pinners sharing Epic photos with us on Pinterest
  • 1,500 Friends Hammocking With Us on Twitter

Are you interested in sharing your hammock adventures apply in less than 5 minutes! Once you are done with your application please email Pics[at] with your 2MB+ Hammock Pictures!

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hammock town

Hammocking Chronicles with Logan Brown

The Hammocker:

Logan Brown, follow Logan on Instagram, and check out his adventuring blog.

logan brown

How long have you been hammocking?

About 2 years!

How did you get started with hammocking?

I met Trevor Lee who lives and works in Yosemite. He is always posting incredible hammock shots so I decided to get one just to try it out. I soon found out how much I love hammocking and I’ve been doing it ever since!

Hammocking Chronicles

You have so many incredible hammock adventures, do you have a favorite place?

That’s a tough one. It’s either between hammocking at Yosemite point or this beautiful patch of pine trees in Oak Openings.

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#HammockTownInMyBakPocket Contest Finalist

Thank you everyone who entered into the #HammockTownInMyBakPocket Photo Contest!

With over 350 entries we wish we could choose all of your amazing pictures and had a hard time narrowing it done to only 3 of the very best! @bakpocketproducts

In 24 hours the picture with the most combined like wins. The same 3 pictures are posted on @bakpocketproducts and the picture with the most combined likes wins. (You can vote 2x)


250 likes on @HammockTown + 300 likes on @bakpocketproducts = Total of 550 likes

The 3 finalists are:


hammock towns hammock towns hammock towns

24 hours later! And The Winner is… dun dun dun

@briana.faulstich – Total Likes = 579!
@hikingtheokanagan – Total Likes = 922! (Winner)
@lindagratz – Total Likes = 824!

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Hammock Buying Guide

The Only Hammock Buying Guide You Ever Need To Read

I. History of the Hammock

  • Purpose and Origin
  • Transmission and widespread use

II. Purpose of Hammocks

  • Stay-cation relaxing,sunbathing
  • Sleeping
  • Honeymoon
  • Hammock Camping
  • Office Naps

III. Types of Hammocks

  • String/rope
  • Fabric – quit, cotton, canvas, nylon
  • Hammock Tents
  • Cacoon Hammocks

IV. Suspension

  • Spreaders
  • Cord-based system
  • web-based system
  • advanced techniques

V. Research on Hammocks and Sleep

  • synchronize brain waves
  • cognitive benefits

I. The Hammock History Primer

The hammock is an object that you immediately recognize. It invites you to chill. Perhaps you have napped, sunbathed, snuggled, or even camped in a hammock. But how much do you really know about the ultimate relaxation machine?

Can you answer the following questions?

  • Hammocks originated in what part of the world?
  • The original purpose of the hammock was?
  • When and how did the hammock become an international sensation?
  • What institutions have used hammocks and for what purpose?
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