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Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Tent Review

If you haven’t discovered this Hammock Tent you are in for a treat. At $199.99 it’s one of the most economical tent hammocks on the market.

From average hikers to US Navy seals veterans weighing in at 4.25 lbs (1.92 kg) the Lawson Hammock Tent can support someone that is 6′ 3″ (190 cm) and up to 250 lbs (113 kg) comfortably.

Founded in 1997 by outdoor enthusiasts who needed a tent that was lightweight, weatherproof, durable and tough, adaptable to all terrain and had a low toll on the environment. Owner Wes Johnson is proud share the Lawson with thousands of outdoor adventurers in over 25 countries. It’s no wonder this Hammock Tent is rated #1 by Backpacker & Outside Magazines.

hammock tent reviews

If you are ready to buy this Hammock Tent, find it on Hammock Town for $199.99 and FREE Shipping.

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hammock camping essentials

Hammock Camping Essentials

Have you ever wanted to go camping, but hated the idea of having to sleep on the ground. We have got the solution for you! If you follow our guide, Hammock Camping Essentials, we can guarantee you will know what gear to bring for an overnight hammock camping excursion. Enjoy!

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Map of National Parks in The United

Map of National Parks in The United States on Pinterest

Our team loves camping, so far we’ve camped in 27 of 50 states and will continue to strive towards our goal of hanging a hammock in every National Park.

We created a Pinterest map of National Parks Across The United States where we feature all 59 National Parks, 46 of them with active active Twitter handles are listed below.

You can subscribe to the twitter list of all National Parks in the USA and get updates on road condition, weather reports, camping events, along with a constant stream of amazing nature pictures.

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Hammock Without Trees

How To Hang a Hammock Without Trees

Traditionally, hammocks are usually strung or hung between trees. However, you don’t need to have trees in your yard for you to be able to enjoy these exciting tools. What you need are just two strong points that will enable you to tie off the ends the ends of the hammocks. You can install your hammock supports that will be able to serve you the same way as trees. When installing your hammock, you should always hang it low enough to prevent any injury in case it falls.

In absence of trees, you can hung your hammock in the following simple way:

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11 Camping Apps

11 Camping Apps you Simply Cannot Live Without

The days of carrying lots of gadgets and a few maps to help you get the most of your camping trip are over. Today smartphones gives us all we need in camp in one place. For many camping is a way to get away from technology and escape from the world, but having a few apps that can help your experience be the best possible never hurt anyone. Here are some must have camping apps for your campout.

1. Camp Where – $4.99

Camp Where App helps you locate public campgrounds anywhere in the US or Canada. It has over 11,500 listings so you can find the best campground for your needs. You can view maps, directions, info for RVs, weather and elevation reports.

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Hammock Town Couple

The Origin of the Word Hammock

The word “hammock” refers to a long piece of nettings or canvas hung up by the four edges and always suspended and it is used as a bed other definitions refer to the word as a ‘furniture’ that is used as a place to sleep and suspended in the length and is codded with nettings and supported on the sides to provide strength.

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The History of The Hammock

The warm sun and the gentle breeze make your relaxing day more enjoyable; you lay slightly swaying in your hammock. The stress of daily life set aside; you have been waiting for this exact moment all week. You cannot help but love the entire peaceful atmosphere. Then, the questions begin to creep into your quizzical mind. Who created the first hammock? What is the history surrounding hammocks? You begin think these questions over and over until researching is your only option left. You have to find the answers.

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