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Happy Earth Day! Happy Hammocking

Happy Earth Day Hammocks

For the next 12 hours you earned a FREE $20.00! Use the promo code “EARTH20

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#HammockTownInMyBakPocket Contest Finalist

Thank you everyone who entered into the #HammockTownInMyBakPocket Photo Contest!

With over 350 entries we wish we could choose all of your amazing pictures and had a hard time narrowing it done to only 3 of the very best! @bakpocketproducts

In 24 hours the picture with the most combined like wins. The same 3 pictures are posted on @bakpocketproducts and the picture with the most combined likes wins. (You can vote 2x)


250 likes on @HammockTown + 300 likes on @bakpocketproducts = Total of 550 likes

The 3 finalists are:


hammock towns hammock towns hammock towns

24 hours later! And The Winner is… dun dun dun

@briana.faulstich – Total Likes = 579!
@hikingtheokanagan – Total Likes = 922! (Winner)
@lindagratz – Total Likes = 824!

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CalPoly Hammock Club

Interview with Carter Wilson from the Cal Poly Hammock Club

We are so thankful Carter Wilson took the time to answer some questions for us and anyone looking to start a hammock club on their campus!

Carter is 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering student at Cal Poly. Originally from Bonney Lake, WA.

President and founder of Cal Poly Hammock Club as well as Vice President of Cal Poly Frame Builders. Carter enjoys Hammocking, hiking, backpacking, camping, biking, listening to music and plans to travel around Europe post graduation along with securing a mechanical design job, and of course he’ll continue hammocking as much as possible!

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Hammock Town BakPoket

HammockTownInMyBakPocket: PHOTO CONTEST!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with @bakpocketproducts at such an opportune time!

To show our excitement we are co hosting a photo contest with an “Adventurers Hammock” as the prize! ($110.00 Value!)


Head on over to our Hammock Instagram

1. Follow @Hammock_Town

2. Follow @BakPocketProducts

3. Snap a pic of where you would put your brand New “Adventurers Hammock

4. Upload the picture to Instagram with the hasgtag #HammockTownInMyBakPocket

Entry deadline is April 18th, the top 3 entries will be posted on April 19th and the photo with the most likes after 24 hrs will be the winner.

Winner will be announced on April 20th!

If you haven’t already also make sure to check out the amazing Tallac Pak on Kickstarter and help support BakPocket as they are one of the few startups focusing on sustainable and lightweight design.

Tallac Pak

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Hammocks For Sale

Happy Easter! Happy Hammocking!

Happy Easter! Hope you get to enjoy some delicious food and a mid afternoon siesta with a nice hammock hang!

To thank you for being the fun filled hammockers you are for the NEXT 24 hours all hammocks, hammock tents and cacoon hammocks are 10% OFF.

Use the promo code: BUNNY

pc: @stacieloidolt

PS. Did you get yourself a copy of the Office Hammock Template? (It’s a guaranteed way to get your boss to agree to naps at work)

Shop Hammocks!

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Hammock Town Tower Stack

The Tallest Hammock Town Tower Stack!

Amazing Hammock Town Tower Hang 14 Stacks at Kansas State University, our friend Alex Poage sent us the video and told us about Kenton Rogg’s channel which you should totally subscribe to for more adventures like these.

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Hammock Buying Guide

The Only Hammock Buying Guide You Ever Need To Read

I. History of the Hammock

  • Purpose and Origin
  • Transmission and widespread use

II. Purpose of Hammocks

  • Stay-cation relaxing,sunbathing
  • Sleeping
  • Honeymoon
  • Hammock Camping
  • Office Naps

III. Types of Hammocks

  • String/rope
  • Fabric – quit, cotton, canvas, nylon
  • Hammock Tents
  • Cacoon Hammocks

IV. Suspension

  • Spreaders
  • Cord-based system
  • web-based system
  • advanced techniques

V. Research on Hammocks and Sleep

  • synchronize brain waves
  • cognitive benefits

I. The Hammock History Primer

The hammock is an object that you immediately recognize. It invites you to chill. Perhaps you have napped, sunbathed, snuggled, or even camped in a hammock. But how much do you really know about the ultimate relaxation machine?

Can you answer the following questions?

  • Hammocks originated in what part of the world?
  • The original purpose of the hammock was?
  • When and how did the hammock become an international sensation?
  • What institutions have used hammocks and for what purpose?
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Hammocks around the world

How to say Hammock in 90 Different Languages

You probably already know this but we don’t discriminate. We like all hammock colors, turquoise, blue, black, orange, purple, orglho (yep we made that one up)!

Maybe you have met a hammocker that swears by their hammock brand and all the power to them. Loyal people are hard to come by 😉

We are all about options, exploring and innovating. Of course we carry hammocks made in the USA (‘Murica!) but we love hammock styles from all countries all over the world including Bahamas, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia. Each hammock has unique hang.

Next time you go hangin’ impress your friends with these sweet sweet translations.

Yep we used Google Translate for these so if they are wrong please correct us and blame Google! 😀

Afrikaans: Hangmat

Albanisch: Hamak

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The Office Hammock Template

Napping at work has proven to increase productivity. For those that are at work for 8+ hours, a quick 20-minute nap is the key differentiator in a productive vs non-productive state of mind.

Now we are biased but the absolute best way to nap at work is in a hammock! Now all you have to do is convince your boss/bosses.

We get it… you’re busy enough as it is, you aren’t going to start a battle trying to convince your boss to let you hammock in the office.  The last thing you want to do is create more work for yourself. Don’t worry we did all the work for you!

Introducing the Office Hammock Template! (TOHP)

TOHP is a guaranteed way to convince your bosses/managers to bring a hammock into the office and even get them to pay for it! 💰

happy hammocks

How to use this template:

  1. Make a copy of the Google Doc “The Office Hammock Template” and personalize the messaging to fit with your voice and boss chief’s language.
  2. Email it or better yet, print it and address it in an envelope to your boss/s, if you end up doing that we’ll give you $5.00 credit to pay for printing and postage.
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hammock date ideas

Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Tent Review

If you haven’t discovered this Hammock Tent you are in for a treat. At $199.99 it’s one of the most economical tent hammocks on the market.

From average hikers to US Navy seals veterans weighing in at 4.25 lbs (1.92 kg) the Lawson Hammock Tent can support someone that is 6′ 3″ (190 cm) and up to 250 lbs (113 kg) comfortably.

Founded in 1997 by outdoor enthusiasts who needed a tent that was lightweight, weatherproof, durable and tough, adaptable to all terrain and had a low toll on the environment. Owner Wes Johnson is proud share the Lawson with thousands of outdoor adventurers in over 25 countries. It’s no wonder this Hammock Tent is rated #1 by Backpacker & Outside Magazines.

hammock tent reviews

If you are ready to buy this Hammock Tent, find it on Hammock Town for $199.99 and FREE Shipping.

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