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The History of The Hammock

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The warm sun and the gentle breeze make your relaxing day more enjoyable; you lay slightly swaying in your hammock. The stress of daily life set aside; you have been waiting for this exact moment all week. You cannot help but love the entire peaceful atmosphere. Then, the questions begin to creep into your quizzical mind. Who created the first hammock? What is the history surrounding hammocks? You begin think these questions over and over until researching is your only option left. You have to find the answers.

The First Hammock

The hammock you are currently spending your leisure time, actually has a long standing history. The hammock is mentioned throughout the decades in many different cultures reaching back almost nine hundred years, common belief is Central and South America natives were among the first to use hammocks. In the early uses, hammocks were actually made from the bark of trees. The hammocks were developed and utilized out of a need.

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Real Reasons for Hammocks

In the early days of development, the hammocks were not used for leisure. The main purpose of a hammock was for protection. The protection came from the fact that the hammock would get you off the ground. Sleeping the night away or even a quick nap on the ground could be dangerous. If you were to sleep on the ground the comfort level would not be the only aspect keeping you from a good night’s rest, you could be allowing all types of little creatures crawl all over you while you nap.

Warmer climates can possible bring bigger insects, biting ants, poisonous snakes and rats which were known to carry diseases. By being up in the air off the ground, the little creatures had less of a chance of biting or stinging you. Often being bitten by a snake or a spider could bring immediate death. Hammocks helped in saving lives against larger predators as well.

Fabric Hammocks

After a while, the bark hammocks were no longer used. Different types of fabrics and natural materials would be implemented in making the hammocks. Eventually, these early hammock prototypes would be developed into the cloth and roped style hammocks you often see today. The hammock often resembled a fishing net which is really where the word was developed.

Hammocks brought to Europe

Christopher Columbus would be the one credited with bringing hammocks back to Europe. When Columbus began gathering goods to take back, hammocks were among the treasures. The hammocks would later be expanded to use on Navy ships. The hammocks allowed for more room which came in handy during times of war where space was limited do to extra supplies. The stacking of hammocks met numerous sailors could have a sleeping area as ships traveled to the next location.

Time for Leisure in a Hammock

Of course, today hammocks are used more frequently for leisure and comfort than out of necessity. Hammocks can be used in backyards or during camping trips. The hammocks are no longer the four inches of canvas used on ships; they come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. The hammocks can be used as permanent standing structure; harnessed to trees or posts. The hammock can be moveable, collapsible, and transferable which is great while traveling. Having a hammock on a campsite can be the perfect way to relax. From Hammock Tents to Cocoon Hammocks have become a prevalent part of society.

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Chief Hammocker at Hammock Town
Luiz is the Founder and VP of eCommerce at Hammock Town. On weekdays you can find him working from coffee shops around the world and exploring unchartered territories with a hammock on the weekends.
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Luiz is the Founder and VP of eCommerce at Hammock Town. On weekdays you can find him working from coffee shops around the world and exploring unchartered territories with a hammock on the weekends.

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