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hammocker chandler biggs

Hammock Time with Chandler Biggs

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The Hammocker:

Chandler Biggs @Chandler Biggs on Instagram

How long have you been hammocking?

3 Fun Hammocking Years!

How did you get started with hammocking?

I went on a missions trip to Haiti and while I was there, a team member brought his hammock and set it up. I watched the Haitians climb into it and smile as wide as they could. They seemed so comfortable, relaxed, and happy. When I saw this, I realized that a simple thing like a portable hammock can be set up anywhere and bring so much joy to people. As soon as I got home from the trip, I bought a hammock!
hammock heros bridge hammock

You have so many incredible hammock adventures, do you have a favorite place?

All of my friends call our favorite hammocking spot “The Nest”. The Nest is a tree that hangs 20 ft over the Chippewa River. There are three main limbs that shoot out over the water that we attach to. Usually 4-6 people hang out at the nest at a time, but we have had up to 13 people in it. It is such a beautify spot because you can look up the river and watch kayakers paddle down steam. If you look down steam, there is a rope swing that throws people Into the water. The Nest is my favorite place to hang with my friends!

hammock chandler biggs


One a scale of 1-10 how much do you freakin’ LOVE hammocks?


What do you think hammocks will look like in 20 years? 100 years?

In 20 years I bet there will be hammock zip lines! You just attach your hammock to the line, lie down and off you go! In 100 years I think think hammocks will have electric solar heat that warms your body while in it.hammock heros

If you could hang up your hammock anywhere in the world where would it be?

I would LOVE to hammock 70ft high in the Sequoias (Red Woods). Man that is a dream of mine, to hammock on some of the oldest trees in the world and look up. I would love to look around the woods from in the hammock and just be in awe of how massive and beautiful the trees are. hammocker

What are your go to hammock accessories?

My go to is my Mosquito net hands down! After beting my friends I could spend the night in a hammock outside our cabin, I failed to realize I set up directly under a light. I have never been bitten so many times by Michagan mosquitos that than night. But I did stay out the whole night and won the bet! Then I bought a mosquito net!

Do you represent a particular hammock brand or are you constantly searching for innovative product?

If it feels good, I’m game! It really doesn’t matter what hammock brand I pick, right now I own a wilder and son hammock and it hasn’t failed me yet. I have memories with that hammock that will last a lifetime. So I guess the brand doesn’t matter to much, just get out and hammock!hammock hero

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I love Hammock Town, I found out about them looking at hammock picture on instagram. I sent them a picture of me and a buddy hammocking and they not only shared posted the picture, they took 15$ off any item they sold. So I bought myself some good ole hammock straps! They work great!! This is a solid company that is an inspiration to get out hammock and make memories. Hammock Town rocks!

hanging from a bridge

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Join the conversation! Have a hammock question or want to meet up for a hang, let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow Chandler Biggs on Instagram!



Chief Hammocker at Hammock Town
Luiz is the Founder and VP of eCommerce at Hammock Town. On weekdays you can find him working from coffee shops around the world and exploring unchartered territories with a hammock on the weekends.
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Luiz is the Founder and VP of eCommerce at Hammock Town. On weekdays you can find him working from coffee shops around the world and exploring unchartered territories with a hammock on the weekends.

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