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Hammocks For The Holidays Gift Guide

Hammocks For The Holidays Gift Guide

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You may recall that we created The Only Hammock Buying Guide You EVER Need To Read, and since the holidays have so rudely interrupted our regularly scheduled programming of hangin’ out and doing rad things, it seems that it might be an appropriate time to return to the aforementioned buying guide. We all know that holiday shopping often ends in tears and weird gift sets, so why not skip the struggle (and mall lines) and give the gift of adventure? The people in your life could only wish to be so blessed to receive their own hammock for the holidays… And it looks like you’ll have to be the one to bless them!

Why Hammocks Are The Best Freakin’ Gifts Ever

In case you didn’t realize, hammocks aren’t just for the adventurous type. They’re great for the lazy people, the ones who like to read and the types who just enjoy being outside. Hammocks are also the kinds of gifts that are actually appreciated. No more slipper socks like the ones Aunt Deb notoriously gifts, year after year. This year is the year of radness. It is the year of the hammock.

Say sayonara to your current status as Mediocre Gift Giver, and prepare for life as the Gift-Giving Guru. When you give your friends and family the gift of the hammock, you’ll go down in history as the most thoughtful and unique gift giver ever. Everybody wins!

Our first buying guide was comprehensive and great for people who like to do their own comparisons. But for those who are already last-minute gift shopping, we streamlined a hammock buying guide for the lucky people on your holiday shopping list. We categorized these hammocks by either age or personality type, so you won’t have to stress too hard. Happy hammock giving and happy holidays!

By Age

Ages Under 15… Get Them a Cacoon Bonsai
Price: $250

Cacoon Bonsai Hammock
A cacoon bonsai hammock is the safe haven your young hammock hanger will love. Ideal for impromptu afternoon naps or a steal away from the rest of the world, the vertical cacoon design with ensure both safety and comfort. The “Man Cave” has officially become accessible for youngsters!

Ages 15-25… Get Them a Single Cacoon
Price: $359 – $370 for a single

Cacoon Hammocks For Sale
Know someone in your life who enjoys escaping reality? (Hint: Everyone!) Well, teens older than 15 and young adults in the millennial range will be overjoyed to receive a single cacoon exactly for that use. It’s a comfortable hang out for either indoor or outdoor use.

Ages 25-35… Get Them a Double Cacoon
Price: $489 – $500 for a double

Cacoon Hammocks For Sale
Measuring in at 5.9 feet, a double cacoon hammock is the perfect choice for full-grown adults who may even consider sharing the space with a significant other. Otherwise, two small kids can hang out with dad and read a story or take in the nature views. The bigger the cacoon, the bigger the room!

Ages 50+… Get Them a Handmade Venezuelan Hammock
Price: $199 for a single

Venezuelan Hammocks For Sale
Leisure is #1 for these folks, and for the ones who already have a backyard oasis, a hand-woven Venezuelan hammock is the obvious choice. But even if the great outdoors aren’t on the wish list, not to worry because these hammocks are an awesome chill-out-choice indoors as well.

By Lifestyle

Relaxed… Get Them a Cacoon
Price: $359 – $370 for a single

Cacoon Hammocks for Sale

The upright style of the cacoon hammock lays a casual and comfortable setting for anyone just looking to be suspended above ground. Because of its enclosed design, this style is great for avid readers or serial nappers. The cacoon hammock will make any relaxation enthusiast a happy camper.

Comfort… Get Them a Treble
Price: $179 for a single

Treble Hammocks For Sale
For those people on your list whom you rarely see wearing anything but sweatpants, the treble hammock should suit them well. Comfort connoisseurs will find cozy solace in this stretched out design, because it’s the only hammock that can be hung on an angle, perfect for creating a reclined position.

Adventurous… Get Them an Adventurers Hammock
Price: $120 for a single

Adventure Hammock
Got a hiker or risk-taker on your hands? We’ve got a hammock equipped for his or her adventurous lifestyle; and it’s named appropriately so. The adventurers hammock comes prepared with a pillow pocket and a sleeping pad pocket for impromptu hammocking just about anywhere.

Extreme… Get Them A Lawson or Tentsile
Lawson Price: $169 for a single

Lawson Hammock
Tentsile Price: $495 – $595 for 3-person setup

3 person Hammock Tent For Sale
And if “adventurous” just doesn’t quite to seem to do someone justice, you’ll need to step up the hammock durability for those extremists on your list. Especially designed for backpackers exploring tough terrains, a Lawson hammock tent combines both a sleeping bag and a tent all in one, for suspended safety among the elements.

A similar concept, the Tentsile tree tent is essentially a portable treehouse, making camping a whole new level of awesome. The hammock tent can fit three people, which offers a strong case against a ground-bound tent. The Tentsile also includes mesh insect protection that doesn’t obscure the vast views you experience from the tree line.

Patriotic… Get Them a Sluice
Price: $60 for a single

Sluice Hammock For Sale
For that friend who prefers everything Made in the USA (who can blame them?), a Sluice hammock is the gift that will have him or her singing the Star-Spangled Banner at high volume. Handcrafted in North Carolina, these soft, cottony varieties are perfect for the homeland homie who loves to hang out.

The Most Extreme… Get Them a Trilogy
Price: $1,450 for a 6-person setup

Trilogy Hammock Tent
And last but not least – for the most adventurous friend or family member of all, we present the Trilogy super hammock and tent combo. This gift is not for the novice camper. It’s for those who live to be among the elements and all their Facebook photos are taken atop a mountain somewhere. The Trilogy combines three of the Tentsile “portable treehouses,” and combines them with a central canopy to create a superior 6-person habitat in the trees. Consider joining forces with a sibling or parent to give the gift of extreme adventure.

Happy Hammock Shopping and Happy Holidays!



Chief Hammocker at Hammock Town
Luiz is the Founder and VP of eCommerce at Hammock Town. On weekdays you can find him working from coffee shops around the world and exploring unchartered territories with a hammock on the weekends.
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Luiz is the Founder and VP of eCommerce at Hammock Town. On weekdays you can find him working from coffee shops around the world and exploring unchartered territories with a hammock on the weekends.
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