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Category : Unique Hammocks

tie dye hammocks

Hand-Dyed Hammocks by Moonbeam Hammocks

Every month we feature a unique and innovative Hammock Manufacture. Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Dan Tutor founder of Moonbeam Hammocks.

What is your name?

Dan Tutor

What is your company name?

Moonbeam Hammocks

What made you want to start a hammock company?

In my 20s I backpacked all over the world. I would buy local hammocks whenever one caught my eye. Not only did they make great souvenirs, I could string one up almost anywhere and relax where furniture was scarce. I’ve slept in hammocks everywhere from the deck of a cargo boat on the Amazon River, to remote beaches in Thailand and Maine, USA. Eventually, I had a collection of hammocks from all the places I had traveled.

Unfortunately, I lost all my hammocks one night at Electric Forest 2014 (these things happen). As a result, I went shopping for a new hammock.

I was disappointed with the colors and patterns available in my price range, so my wife and I began experimenting with sewing and hand-dying ripstop nylon hammocks. We have been making and testing prototypes and refining our design and dye technique for over a year, and Moonbeam Hammocks are the result of this journey.

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