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Category : Tentsile

interview with richard symonds

An Interview with Tree Climbing Expert & Wildlife Artist Richard Symonds

Richard Symonds generously agreed to share his experience climbing trees with the folks from Hammock Town. Richard has been committed to wildlife conversation for over 20 years. Entirely self-taught Richard dedicated his life to painting and drawing wild animals in their natural habitat. He’s held various exhibitions and auctions around the world. 🗺

In 2006 Richard hit headlines completing his first life-size oil painting of an African bull elephant named “Tembo”. Richard’s painting sold for a staggering $100,000.00 to a private collector with a large donation from the sale going directly to The Born Free Foundation.

Richard has a rare ability to capture the true essence of each animal he paints. His artwork
has been published in many leading magazines, books, Limited Edition prints, greetings cards and multi media.

tiget painting from a tree tent_0000_tentsile9fb

You’ll definitely want to check out Richard’s art for sale online and follow Richard on Instagram @richardsymondsartist.

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Without further ado the interview with tree climbing expert Richard Symonds!

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