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Category : Hammock Videos


Hanging Up Your FSO Hammock [Video]

The perfect way to hang up your fair trade, Flying Squirrel Outfitter hammock.

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hammock party

The World’s Largest Hammock Party

We had the pleasure of speaking with the master minds behind the incredible event at the University of Florida.

Jefferson and Douglas are expert hammockers and share their goals for the UF Hammock Club, watch the video and get your hammock on. (sorry for the echo)

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hammock camping essentials

Hammock Camping Essentials

Have you ever wanted to go camping, but hated the idea of having to sleep on the ground. We have got the solution for you! If you follow our guide, Hammock Camping Essentials, we can guarantee you will know what gear to bring for an overnight hammock camping excursion. Enjoy!

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The History of The Hammock

The warm sun and the gentle breeze make your relaxing day more enjoyable; you lay slightly swaying in your hammock. The stress of daily life set aside; you have been waiting for this exact moment all week. You cannot help but love the entire peaceful atmosphere. Then, the questions begin to creep into your quizzical mind. Who created the first hammock? What is the history surrounding hammocks? You begin think these questions over and over until researching is your only option left. You have to find the answers.

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