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Category : Hammock Tents

interview with richard symonds

An Interview with Tree Climbing Expert & Wildlife Artist Richard Symonds

Richard Symonds generously agreed to share his experience climbing trees with the folks from Hammock Town. Richard has been committed to wildlife conversation for over 20 years. Entirely self-taught Richard dedicated his life to painting and drawing wild animals in their natural habitat. He’s held various exhibitions and auctions around the world. 🗺

In 2006 Richard hit headlines completing his first life-size oil painting of an African bull elephant named “Tembo”. Richard’s painting sold for a staggering $100,000.00 to a private collector with a large donation from the sale going directly to The Born Free Foundation.

Richard has a rare ability to capture the true essence of each animal he paints. His artwork
has been published in many leading magazines, books, Limited Edition prints, greetings cards and multi media.

tiget painting from a tree tent_0000_tentsile9fb

You’ll definitely want to check out Richard’s art for sale online and follow Richard on Instagram @richardsymondsartist.

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Without further ado the interview with tree climbing expert Richard Symonds!

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19 of the Most Spectacular Tree Tents Money Can Buy

19 of the Most Spectacular Tree Tents that Money Can Buy

Tree tents, hammock tents, suspended tents, call it what you want to call it, we are calling it a camping revolution.

Never again do you have to hear your girlfriend say:

I’m not going to sleep on the ground!

If you already have a tent and swear by it, sweet. Stay on the ground homie.

If you have an open mind, here is what the hammocking experts on Google+ had to say about Hammocks vs Tents vs the best of both worlds (Hammock Tents/Tree Tents).

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lawson hammock tent set up

Instructions for Setting Up Your Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Tent

So you’ve read all the reviews about the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Tent and you’ve decided to invest in the best piece of camping equipment in the world!

Wise choice, here are instructions on how to set your Hammock Tent up!

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Introducing the World’s most Versatile Tree Tent the Sunda by Kammok

A hammock, a 3 season tent & a hybrid tree tent! Introducing the most technologically advanced hammock tent on the market via Kammok. Feast your eyes on the Sunda!



It’s not easy matching variable landscapes with the changing needs of your daytime, nighttime, and weekend adventures, so Kammok’s created a product that does everything.

  • Your best-in-class tent
  • All-in-one camping hammock
  • Ultra-light shelter
  • Minimalist hammock
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Hammock Holidays

Celebrating the Hammock Holidays with Christmas Camping

Do you have an EPIC Christmas Camping Tradition? If so share it with us in the comments. If not let us know where/why you would like to start one and whom would you go with on this adventure?🎄〰🎄

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The Hammocking Chronicles w/ Dexter Vernon & Zade Adams

The Hammockers:

Dexter Vernon & Zade Adams, follow NatureB0ys on Instagram.

hammock adventure

How long have you been hammocking?

We got our first hammocks about 4 years ago and never looked back!

How did you get started with hammocking?

We accidentally discovered it online by me telling Zade to go check out this website. He goes to the wrong one and discovered a picture of a guy hammocking and we instantly fell in love.

nature time hammock time


You have so many incredible hammock adventures, do you have a favorite place?

That is a hard question… If we had to pick out of all of our current places it would probably be The Fiery Gizzard Trail in south Cumberland State Park.

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Treble Hammocks

We are so happy our friends are Treble Hammocks got their 2nd Kickstarter Campaign Fully Funded! With 14 hours to go they have raised over $20,000 for the Tree-O Hammock Frame – One Frame for Three Hammocks.

tree o hammock frame

If you are into hammocking with your friends consider backing the Tree-O Hammock to get first dibs.

treble hammock

Buy The Treble Hammock

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Happy National Hammock Day!

Happy National Hammock Day!

Some brilliant soul long ago made today July 22nd, National Hammock Day.

We get to reap the benefits.

Use the code: HammockHoliday at checkout to save 15% OFF all hammocks.

If you have to work tomorrow, we have the perfect solution for you. The Office Hammock Template. (A Guaranteed Way To Convince Your Boss To Purchase An Office Hammock)

Shop Hammocks

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Hammock Buying Guide

The Only Hammock Buying Guide You Ever Need To Read

I. History of the Hammock

  • Purpose and Origin
  • Transmission and widespread use

II. Purpose of Hammocks

  • Stay-cation relaxing,sunbathing
  • Sleeping
  • Honeymoon
  • Hammock Camping
  • Office Naps

III. Types of Hammocks

  • String/rope
  • Fabric – quit, cotton, canvas, nylon
  • Hammock Tents
  • Cacoon Hammocks

IV. Suspension

  • Spreaders
  • Cord-based system
  • web-based system
  • advanced techniques

V. Research on Hammocks and Sleep

  • synchronize brain waves
  • cognitive benefits

I. The Hammock History Primer

The hammock is an object that you immediately recognize. It invites you to chill. Perhaps you have napped, sunbathed, snuggled, or even camped in a hammock. But how much do you really know about the ultimate relaxation machine?

Can you answer the following questions?

  • Hammocks originated in what part of the world?
  • The original purpose of the hammock was?
  • When and how did the hammock become an international sensation?
  • What institutions have used hammocks and for what purpose?
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hammock date ideas

Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Tent Review

If you haven’t discovered this Hammock Tent you are in for a treat. At $199.99 it’s one of the most economical tent hammocks on the market.

From average hikers to US Navy seals veterans weighing in at 4.25 lbs (1.92 kg) the Lawson Hammock Tent can support someone that is 6′ 3″ (190 cm) and up to 250 lbs (113 kg) comfortably.

Founded in 1997 by outdoor enthusiasts who needed a tent that was lightweight, weatherproof, durable and tough, adaptable to all terrain and had a low toll on the environment. Owner Wes Johnson is proud share the Lawson with thousands of outdoor adventurers in over 25 countries. It’s no wonder this Hammock Tent is rated #1 by Backpacker & Outside Magazines.

hammock tent reviews

If you are ready to buy this Hammock Tent, find it on Hammock Town for $199.99 and FREE Shipping.

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