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Category : Hammock Naps

lawson hanmmock

The Benefits of Sleeping in a Hammock [Should You Trade Your Bed in for a Hammock?]

Beds are overrated. So overrated, in fact, that this particular Reddit user decided to forego the whole bed thing and instead sleep in a hammock night after night. Is he/she a genius? Why yes, yes he/she is.

As he/she explains, sleeping in a hammock is, and I quote, “glorious.” For those skeptical about the benefits of sleeping in a hammock, let me break it down for you.

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The Office Hammock Template

Napping at work has proven to increase productivity. For those that are at work for 8+ hours, a quick 20-minute nap is the key differentiator in a productive vs non-productive state of mind.

Now we are biased but the absolute best way to nap at work is in a hammock! Now all you have to do is convince your boss/bosses.

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We get it… you’re busy enough as it is, you aren’t going to start a battle trying to convince your boss to let you hammock in the office.  The last thing you want to do is create more work for yourself. Don’t worry we did all the work for you!

Introducing the Office Hammock Template! (TOHP)

TOHP is a guaranteed way to convince your bosses/managers to bring a hammock into the office and even get them to pay for it! 💰

happy hammocks

How to use this template:

  1. Make a copy of the Google Doc “The Office Hammock Template” and personalize the messaging to fit with your voice and boss chief’s language.
  2. Email it or better yet, print it and address it in an envelope to your boss/s, if you end up doing that we’ll give you $5.00 credit to pay for printing and postage.
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