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Category : Hammock Lingo

How to Hang Your Hammock

How to Hang Your Hammock [So Easy a Bear Can Do It]

You’ve got your hammock. Now all you need to do is learn how to hang it!

If you’re a seasoned hammock hanger, you might think that this is a silly post. But remember that you, too, were once a hammock newbie. And we want to welcome as many hammock enthusiasts as possible into our tribe, so this post is for those who are curious how to properly hang their hammocks. Especially since there are plenty of places to hang a hammock (in your bedroom, on a balcony, between two trees…), we’d hate for you to have a mishap when all you’re tryin’ to do is hang out.

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Hammock Town Couple

The Origin of the Word Hammock

The word “hammock” refers to a long piece of nettings or canvas hung up by the four edges and always suspended and it is used as a bed other definitions refer to the word as a ‘furniture’ that is used as a place to sleep and suspended in the length and is codded with nettings and supported on the sides to provide strength.

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