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Category : Hammock History

Luz-Hammock Sex

19 Ways To Have Dirty Hot Sex In a Hammock

*Warning you must be 18 years or older to continue reading this article

The Maya were deeply religious, and worshiped a many Gods related to nature, such as the sun, the moon, rain and corn.

The Maya society had aristocratic roles (Kings) , or “kuhul ajaw” (holy lords), who claimed to be related to gods and followed a hereditary succession. They were thought to serve as mediators between the gods and people on earth, and performed the elaborate religious ceremonies and rituals so important to the Maya culture.

You may also know them from the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar that predicted all our deaths in 2012. But since that didn’t happen we can still enjoy the comforts of our hammocks and some solid hammock sex.

Should you be feeling a bit adventurous these deeply religious Mayans did like to experiment with some erotic sex positions. (Who would’ve thunk it!)

Should you need another excuse to buy a hammock here are 19!

1. Deer/Vanado

The softness and beauty of the Deer/LaSauvidad Y Beleza del Venado

hammock sex deer

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Hammock Buying Guide

The Only Hammock Buying Guide You Ever Need To Read

I. History of the Hammock

  • Purpose and Origin
  • Transmission and widespread use

II. Purpose of Hammocks

  • Stay-cation relaxing,sunbathing
  • Sleeping
  • Honeymoon
  • Hammock Camping
  • Office Naps

III. Types of Hammocks

  • String/rope
  • Fabric – quit, cotton, canvas, nylon
  • Hammock Tents
  • Cacoon Hammocks

IV. Suspension

  • Spreaders
  • Cord-based system
  • web-based system
  • advanced techniques

V. Research on Hammocks and Sleep

  • synchronize brain waves
  • cognitive benefits

I. The Hammock History Primer

The hammock is an object that you immediately recognize. It invites you to chill. Perhaps you have napped, sunbathed, snuggled, or even camped in a hammock. But how much do you really know about the ultimate relaxation machine?

Can you answer the following questions?

  • Hammocks originated in what part of the world?
  • The original purpose of the hammock was?
  • When and how did the hammock become an international sensation?
  • What institutions have used hammocks and for what purpose?
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Hammocks around the world

How to say Hammock in 90 Different Languages

You probably already know this but we don’t discriminate. We like all hammock colors, turquoise, blue, black, orange, purple, orglho (yep we made that one up)!

Maybe you have met a hammocker that swears by their hammock brand and all the power to them. Loyal people are hard to come by 😉

We are all about options, exploring and innovating. Of course we carry hammocks made in the USA (‘Murica!) but we love hammock styles from all countries all over the world including Bahamas, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia. Each hammock has unique hang.

Next time you go hangin’ impress your friends with these sweet sweet translations.

Yep we used Google Translate for these so if they are wrong please correct us and blame Google! 😀

Afrikaans: Hangmat

Albanisch: Hamak

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Hammock Town Couple

The Origin of the Word Hammock

The word “hammock” refers to a long piece of nettings or canvas hung up by the four edges and always suspended and it is used as a bed other definitions refer to the word as a ‘furniture’ that is used as a place to sleep and suspended in the length and is codded with nettings and supported on the sides to provide strength.

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The History of The Hammock

The warm sun and the gentle breeze make your relaxing day more enjoyable; you lay slightly swaying in your hammock. The stress of daily life set aside; you have been waiting for this exact moment all week. You cannot help but love the entire peaceful atmosphere. Then, the questions begin to creep into your quizzical mind. Who created the first hammock? What is the history surrounding hammocks? You begin think these questions over and over until researching is your only option left. You have to find the answers.

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