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Category : Hammock Fun

7 Of The Most Spooky Hiking Trails to Pitch your Hammock

Dare to Hammock at These Haunted Places?

This is a guest post contributed by Leigh Marcos, Freelance Writer.

We all love being outdoors, but throw in a little spook into the equation and we all have a perfect recipe for adventure. There are many places in United States that are known for being haunted or too scary to even visit. But some daredevils like to take it up a notch!

Here are some of the most haunted trails where spending a night and making out of it alive will be an adventure of a lifetime. All you need is bravado, a camp and a hammock to set your very own “Blair Witch Project” in motion.

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hammock tent hammock date

7 Perfect Hammock Dates to Enjoy With Your #HammockLove

So, you swiped right.

You found someone equally as cool as you and want to go on a unique date with them. Or maybe it’s a special anniversary for you and your S.O., and you want to plan something different.

The only issue? You can’t think of any date ideas that are fun yet romantic yet adventurous yet easy. Not that you have a lot of criteria or anything.

But we have good news for you, dear hammock lover, there is not just one hammock date idea that will woo your lucky date, but there are seven awesome hammock dates that you can choose from for a most memorable moment.

We think you’re gonna love these Hammock Dates!

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6 Dreamy Celebrities Living the Hammock Life

What kind of people are “hammock people?” Is there a certain type?

Do you have to be Layback Co Hammocks, easy going, and/or adventurous to enjoy the complete comfort that comes from swaying in a suspended piece of fabric hung in the location of your choice? Do you have to be totally awesome to be a hammock fan? Well, being laidback, easy going, adventurous, and totally awesome sure do help, but those aren’t the only kinds of folks that make up the hammock community.

Let us not forget about the rich and famous.

Yep, celebrities can be “hammock people” too.

We gathered some images of celebs hanging in hammocks so you can see that your favorite famous peeps indulge in the same exact relaxation that you do. Celebrities, they’re just like us!

See if you can spot one of your favorite celebrities in a hammock below. You might be surprised who you see hangin’ loose.

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husky in hammock

11 Animals that Hammock Harder Than You [GIFS]

So you think you hammock hard? Well probably not as hard as these adorable animals do or you would be GIF worthy.

Perhaps you thought you’ve seen it all but we have a treat for you: Cats, Dogs, Donkeys, Sloths, Squirrels, Orangutans and Bears in hammocks oh My!

Check out these 11 animals hammocking like it’s their job.

1. I’ve got this cat hammock for two, and I want to share it with you. Meow 😻.

hammock cats

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