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Category : Hammock Camping


Introducing the World’s most Versatile Tree Tent the Sunda by Kammok

A hammock, a 3 season tent & a hybrid tree tent! Introducing the most technologically advanced hammock tent on the market via Kammok. Feast your eyes on the Sunda!



It’s not easy matching variable landscapes with the changing needs of your daytime, nighttime, and weekend adventures, so Kammok’s created a product that does everything.

  • Your best-in-class tent
  • All-in-one camping hammock
  • Ultra-light shelter
  • Minimalist hammock
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Neilnorman Laroya: Cinematographer & Timelapse Photographer

The Hammocker:

Neilnorman Laroya a Cinematographer & Timelapse Photographer/Filmaker based in 🌴Honolulu, Hawaii🏄🏽 you can find @neilnorman for some of his best shots! 🎥

How long have you been hammocking?

1 year !

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Flying Squirrel Hammocks

How Flying Squirrel Outfitters Hammocks Are Handmade

It’s incredible to see companies change the world. The good folks at Flying Squirrel Outfitters are doing just that.

Taking villages in Thailand and giving them opportunity well above the minimum wages. Unlike 80% of the hammock companies you see out there getting the same product from Ali Baba and slapping a new logo on it, FSO created a unique hammock that is fully adjustable. Check out how you can adjust your hammock in this video.

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Flying Squirrel Outfitters

Fair Trade Hammocks Made in Thailand by Flying Squirrel Outfitters

We had the honor of learning more about the incredible folks at Flying Squirrel Outfitters. Their Fair Trade Hammocks are unique and they are the creators of the first ever fully adjustable hammock!

What is your name?

Brian Carraway

What is your company name?

Flying Squirrel Outfitters

What made you want to start a hammock company?

About three years ago I left everything behind, quit my office job, sold off all my stuff, and headed to Thailand in search of a new journey.

After a year of exploration, I stumbled upon an amazing story about a hill tribe village in Northern Thailand that built a micro economy for themselves weaving hammocks. I was completely inspired with the story and quickly went to visit the operator of the project.

I quickly fell in love with what was happening in the village, and was told the demand and need for more work was impending – so I wanted to help!

Fast forward a year and half, the operator and I developed a parachute style hammock that was different, and began expanding high wage jobs for village seamstresses throughout the region. My inspiration was to not only to build a hammock that was different and designed for people to use it more, but also to transform communities through sustainable business practices.

We have sold nearly 600 hammocks to date in Thailand alone!

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hammock town wander shop

Happy National Hammock Day 2016! Win Over $500.00 of Hammocks

Happy National Hammock Day! To celebrate clearly the best day of the year we are running a contest for 2 weeks! Anyone has a chance to win. 😀 💰

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golden retriever hammock dog

Mallory Walsh and the Hammock Pups

The Hammocker:

Mallory Walsh, find her @malpalwalsh on Instagram & @mallorywalsh7 on Twitter. You can also follow her famous hammocking dog on Instagram @braceythedog.

How long have you been hammocking?

1 year

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cyrus van hammocking

Hammock Adventures In a Van with Cyrus Sutton

The Hammocker: 

Cyrus Sutton.

Cyrus Sutton is an American director and professional surfer from So Cal.

He grew up in San Diego spending most of his time between the coast and mountains.

Using cinematography to capture the beauty around him Cyrus Sutton has worked with commercial clients including Adidas, Apple, Corona, Reef, and Patagonia.

Cyrus’ unique approach to film making has earned features among some of the most prominent publications including Surfer Magazine and the New York Times.

You can find Cyrus on Instagram @cyrus_sutton and visit his store.

How long have you been hammocking?

30 years

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Hammock GIF

Hammock Adventures with Kayli Flitton

The Hammocker:

Kayli Flitton. Find her on Instagram at @KayliFlitton.

How long have you been hammocking?

1 year and a half

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hammock fiesta

Hammocking with Cole Chapman

The Hammocker:

Cole Chapman find him @_colechapman_ on Instagram. Also, check out his rad art website at 🎨Chapmans Art.

How long have you been hammocking?

1 Year! 🌲〰🌲

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hammock time

Hammock Fiesta With Monica Multer

The Hammocker:

Monica Multer find her @pedestrianpoet on Instagram or visit her extraordinary blog.

How long have you been hammocking?

3 Years!

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