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Category : Cacoon

cacoon hammock

5 Extraordinary Places to Hang Your Cacoon Hammock

So you’ve invested in a Cacoon Hammock, wise choice! You are on your way to getting some of the best rest in the world. Heck, you deserve it, you worked hard to get some lounge time.

Should you feel adventurous and want to take your Cacoon Hammock outside the house here are 5 extraordinary places you can hammock at!

If you haven’t yet invested in a Cacoon Hammock you should totally reconsider your relaxation tactics.

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Cacoon Hammock

A Step By Step Guide To Setting Up Your Cacoon Hammock

Setting up your Cacoon is easy. Nick the designer of the cacoon explains how to take the cocoon from it’s box and gives complete instructions on putting it together and hanging it.

You can also download the cacoon assembly instructions here.

Haven’t ordered your Cacoon Hammock Yet? Get yours today!

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